Cuban Chains & Bracelets


This season, designers are finding new ways to elevate the chunky gold-chain necklace. The art of layering still dominates in the jewelry world – more is definitely more. Stack bracelets alongside your watch, layer necklaces, pendants and chains to create an eclectic look; and combine multiple hoops and studs for a unique ear stack. And when you think enough is enough, add a little more.

But the headline of this year were definitely Cuban Chains. The ultimate model that was loved and chosen by so many men and women. Coming in thin or bold versions, silver or gold, simple or covered in white stones, it didn’t matter when it came to the number of purchases.

The Cuban model originated in Miami out of a rapid movement in the early '70s. The hip-hop jewelry movement which was gaining attention at the time in Miami eventually gave way to the Cuban necklace that we see today. There are so many types of chain necklaces in the modern fashion world but very few like the gold Cuban link chain have a place of their own. You don’t have to think beyond the normal scope of thought to understand why it’s so. Although other curb and cable chains also give a strong and endearing look, the Cuban link upholds the rank because of its cultural relevance. On top of that, the sleek and fine design of these necklace chain types is what gives them the appeal. 

Another plus point of using the gold Cuban link chain is that you can style it the way you want. You don’t necessarily have to wear it plainly. You can showcase pendants of any sort to add some contrast to the Cuban link chain. The pendants can also represent something that showcases your identity. That’s why hip hop artists and rappers use particular pendants with their Cuban necklaces. You can also choose the size, weight, and thickness of your choice, thus optimizing your look for a given setting. For a casual setting, you might prefer more of a shorter Cuban link compared to when you go for events and showtimes. 

You can also glamorize your gold Cuban link chain with diamonds engraved into the rope-like pattern of the chain. These diamond-studded gold Cuban necklaces are highly attractive and fashionable. The current trends have spotted several celebrities keen on this fashion regime. Pave diamonds are a good choice for this kind of setting. 

One thing if for sure above all: it’s a trend that never looks to settle!



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