About Us

About Us 

Roche Bianca is a high-quality jewelry brand, offering both modern and everyday pieces in gold-plated, sterling silver and pure gold. Item collections offer a various choice of possibilities when you are going for a jewelry investment in your daily life. The combination of natural gemstones and quality materials make every piece unique, with a high durability throughout time.

Our Story

Since opening the brand in 1995 our core purpose was to offer our clients guarantee, quality and class in every item purchased. That is why we care about our jewelry designs, prices and quality. Our main priority is to create finesse in every element while caring about sustainability and material care. We polish in detail every element and select the best gemstones to implement and match with the materials, be it silver, gold or gold-plated. Every design is though out through and through and made perfect for you to cherish a lifetime. 

Our jewelry collections are created and updated every season to bring new trends into your daily lifestyle. here at Roche Bianca, we create and go after the best jewelry out there for our customers, that's best in quality, style and always offering the best seasonal trends.


Style Meets Quality

We know it is difficult to find both style and high quality met together in a brand. Our mission is to assure you that we made it possible at Roche Bianca. Curated in detail, every piece is unique in its own, very fashion friendly but above all, it guarantees you that very much wanted great quality. Our pieces do not tarnish or change color. Wear it proudly every day, with a little care and polish from time to time, the pieces will shine like the first day of their purchase.


Wear Your Worth (Our Precious Metals)

The main element we all consider when it comes to jewelry is style and value. Gold and silver are an investment piece as it lasts a lifetime and can even be exchanged for currency. At Roche Bianca you can purchase the latest jewelry trends with great prices and great quality 14 karat gold and 925 pieces of jewelry.

A piece of jewelry that is made of high-quality materials will sparkle brightly and last forever. We must compromise on using products that are less hazardous to the environment and local populations. We only use high quality gemstones and 100% recycled silver and gold in our products because of this. Our focus is to provide amazing quality products that are ethically sourced and created in good quality environments.