Our Precious Metals & Quality

Wear Your Worth (Our Precious Metals)

The main element we all consider when it comes to jewelry is style and value. Gold and silver are an investment piece as it lasts a lifetime and can even be exchanged for currency. At Roche Bianca you can purchase the latest jewelry trends with great prices and great quality 14 karat gold and 925 pieces of jewelry.

A piece of jewelry that is made of high-quality materials will sparkle brightly and last forever. We must compromise on using products that are less hazardous to the environment and local populations. We only use high quality gemstones and 100% recycled silver and gold in our products because of this. Our focus is to provide amazing quality products that are ethically sourced and created in good quality environments. 


14K Solid Gold

A precious metal that won't oxidize or tarnish is solid gold. Our jewelry's lovely, delicate color is a result of the 14k alloy. Additionally, 14k solid gold is far more durable than 18k, scratches less, and doesn't bend or wear out as quickly. Our 14k gold jewelry is all hallmarked with the standard "14K" or "585".


Sterling 925 Silver

925 sterling silver 92.5% pure silver makes up the lightweight material known as sterling silver. It is made for daily use and is quite durable.


Gold-Plated 925 Sterling Silver

The best way to have silver pieces in gold color. We care to polish in the smallest details our gold-plated items and assure they are long lasting with a bit of care and contact avoidance with water.



The actual mineral stones that make up all of our jewels are widely prized for their uniqueness, beauty, and longevity. We employ a variety of fine natural gemstones.