Green Gemstones


There are numerous wonderful green gemstones around the world. Known as “The King of Green” Tsavorite, as well as Tourmaline, Grossular Garnet and the most fabulous Emerald. 

        When it comes to celebrities and red-carpet outfits, you can’t avoid noticing the shine of green gemstones in every finest detail of the VIPs. Green is magical. It symbolizes new beginnings and is said to “evoke the first few days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew.”  It symbolizes the reconnection with nature and the need to revitalize from season to season.

        Green jewelry is in the most cases chosen as the tool to represent a great wealth and class in both women and men. It gives a complete portrait of one’s outfit, like a final magical touch that decides the final impact as soon as you see the person. Leading fashion houses such as Gucci, Kenzo, Balenciaga, Michael Kors, Versace, Zac Posen, and Cynthia Rowley have already been using various shade of green in their collections. The designers are explaining that the green color is the greatest “manipulation” when it comes to offering tranquility and peace, known as the color of the great Mother Nature.

        Only discovered in 1967, the tsavorite quickly became a favorite amongst gemstone aficionados. It was named by Harry Platt (of Tiffany & Co) after the region in which the first stones were found. Tsavorites are currently the most expensive type of garnet on the market. Although, like most gems the price is dramatically affected by the level of saturation and purity of the color. 

        The color green is often associated with money and wealth, making green gemstones a sweet symbol of abundance. Glittering in varying shades of green, these gems bring luck and success spilling to your door. They are also known for healing properties as green gems help you to stay focused and energized when it comes to ideas, projects, and lifework.




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