Rainbow Collection (A celebration of color & inclusivity)


What’s better than colorful shine in your hands or neck? When in doubt of choosing a specific color, the solution is to choose them all! Our rainbow collection is a celebration of color and inclusivity showcasing the beautiful colors of the rainbow, in our jewelry we use a range of quartz and other precious gems for that beautiful effect. 

22’s all-along-trend: Rainbow Jewelry. Be it a necklace, a pair of earrings or a necklace coming in tennis model, they always fit greatly in every outfit, every day and every occasion. Rainbow collections are presented at different stores in both silver and pure gold material. Offering this possibility, it makes the trend affordable by all. Silver material plated in gold or not, created a daily piece of colorful jewelry that you can wear without doubting its quality, durability or design. On the other hand, gold is always a big YES, when it is about jewelry investment. It is the best quality that never fades with time. And most of all, the natural color of gold matches perfectly with the rainbow colorful style of gemstones.

Lately, another fine choice that people are loving is the combination of sapphire colors or zirconia, coming in the form of alternative color, fading in tones from the strongest to the lightest. This makes your bracelet or necklace a unique piece that can easily be combined with any outfit color.

Some of the best brands we can mention for the famous rainbow collections are Estel Jewelry, for high quality gold and sapphires. With so many possibilities you only need to pick your favorite model and give it a purchase!

As we are entering the Holiday season, a rainbow jewelry piece would be the best investment for yourself or for a gift, to match the Christmas sparkly vibes and the festive mood!



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