SILVER JEWELRY (how its better than Nickle and Brass)

SILVER JEWELRY (how its better than Nickle and Brass)

When it comes to choosing daily jewelry pieces that are long-lasting in durability but also great in quality and design, nowadays people are going for silver items.

This is not only because of the much more affordable price this material provides, but also for its sterling quality that assures a great sustainability and quality of the products. Beside that, just have a look at the jewelry design in sterling silver of the models and trends this season.

You can choose from chains, gold-plated or original silver, to great fine detailed jewelry that complete your look for every event or occasion you might have. One of the most-wanted trends these days is silver jewelry combined with zirconia stones that give you an amazing sparkle from away!

But let’s reverse our topic to quality. Since a considered part of clients see “quality” as the first “green flag” to purchasing or investing on a jewelry piece, silver offers the maximum of shine and durability throughout years, compared to nickel and brass. Silver provides non-scratching properties and does not tarnish, unlike nickel and brass.

The high silver content makes sterling silver a precious metal with true value. Brass and nickel on the other hand, are not as valuable. Brass is made from a mixture of copper and zinc while silver is a pure material that lasts in time.

When you are considering purchasing jewelry, consider the fact that one of brass’s downside is that it can turn your skin green. This is due to the combination of zinc and copper that reacts differently on other people's skin. And we’re sure you wouldn’t want to invest on some piece that changes its color and affects your skin while wearing it!

Though brass and sterling silver are both considered an alloy, sterling silver is considered a precious metal that can be lined up together with platinum, gold, and rhodium. Sterling silver is made from 92.5% silver plus 7.5% of other alloys to enhance its strength. It’s highly valued by its gleam, luster and soft surface and is much better choice for people who are highly sensitive when it comes to wearing certain jewelry. Sterling silver is also hypoallergenic and is more suitable for sensitive skin.

When it comes to jewelry craftsmanship, it’s very important to know the base material of the jewelry that you’re planning to buy. This is due to several factors that could affect your expectation out of the jewelry piece that you’re aiming to purchase.

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